Click here to visit the blog where I share information about my ongoing research into the connection between social capital and newspapering in the context of frontier Colorado’s media infrastructure. It’s my most intensive active project. Take a look!

As a part of the Colorado Media Infrastructure Project, I’m extracting the locations of every post office location in the state of Colorado from 1859 through 1899. As I recognize this data is likely useful to lots of other researchers, including those researching Colorado genealogy and anyone else wondering where the scores of Colorado ghost towns were, I’m sharing this database with the public. Click here to access it, and understand that as an active project, its contents will change as I add and modify data. I’m sharing it under a BY-NC-SA Creative Commons license, so if you want to copy or modify this work beyond referencing it in your research, please abide by these terms. Also, if you use this info, please let me know. I’m always excited to hear when others find these things useful! Likewise, if you find errors or if the link breaks, just contact me and I’ll fix it.