Ken's Research Blog: An Introduction

Welcome to Ken's Research Blog! I'm your host, Ken Ward, soon-to-be assistant professor of communication at Lamar University.

If you're looking for the blog about surviving the tenure track and academic life, you're in the wrong place. Try The Honest Professor next door.

This blog is my sporadically updated public research notebook. Whereas the The Honest Professor is a standalone undertaking, Ken's Research Blog has two modest purposes:

  1. To help people find my research
  2. To present my research in an easy-to-digest manner

What do I research? Journalism history. More specifically, the history of American newspapers. More specifically still, the history of American newspapers around the turn into the twentieth century (the Gilded Age and Progressive Era).

An example of my research in this vein is my newly minted dissertation, "America's Last Newspaper War: One Hundred and Sixteen Years of Competition between the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News. For our purposes here, the name is sufficiently explanatory. Other projects have included a study of Colorado mine camp journalism from 1894 to 1904 (my thesis!) and a biography of Jacob Frohwerk, a highly consequential but largely forgotten figure in the development of First Amendment law in the United States (published!).

But this blog is about so much more than old newspapers, friends. I've researched social media ethics (publication pending!), woodworking magazines (published!), and nature columnists (holding onto this one until I'm on the tenure clock!).

My goal is to put something related to my research up on this blog about once a month. I'll definitely keep you up-to-date on major events, such as new publications and presentations.

Holler with any questions at this address.

Ken Wardmeta