Pubs and acceptances ... a fortunate few weeks

Salt Lake City, I guess. I've never been.

Salt Lake City, I guess. I've never been.

While I've been busy prepping fall courses, good news has been piling up.

First, and most recently, my article on the ethics, Cambridge Analytica, and Facebook was published this very day in the Journal of Media Ethics. It explores our ethical responsibilities in the face of Facebook's behavioral microtargeting practices. TL;DR: Facebook has enough data to manipulate you in ways you likely don't realize (or notice, even if you do realize), and while Kant (and folks like me) think individuals have a responsibility to fight back, we're practically powerless. I invite you to give it a read. Please let me know if you would like to see it but don't have access to the journal.

Second, I'm going to have a busy time at this year's American Journalism Historians Association convention.

  • My paper "The Yellowing of Denver: Reconceptualizing the Climax of New Journalism" was accepted. If you have time to swing by that session (and are in Salt Lake in October), I'll tell you all about how we need to think about  yellow journalism (a turn-of-the-century crescendo of visually jarring, sensational, self-celebratory, populist newspapering) as a nationally-distributed phenomenon rather than an NYC-centric one. Naturally, I can't help but center the story in Denver, and I'll talk your ear off about how the Post fit in (in a big way).
  • I'll also be sitting on a panel to talk about the relationship between the press and community in the context of contemporary history and the decline of Denver journalism. We'll talk about blockchain and the Colorado Sun. We'll talk about the dearly departed Rocky Mountain News. We'll talk about my darling Denver. It'll be a blast.
  • I've been nominated for the AJHA board? Dr. Sloan was kind enough to offer up my name. It's an exciting prospect—I've been enjoying registraring, but if I can help AJHA from the board, I'm more than happy to do so.